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For Sale: FTH Survivor Rotax

Our mate Chris Hatton is selling his Rotax Thunderbike. This is a quick racebike and flew at the Greenfield TT this year. The sale is nothing to do with us, we're just sharing. This is what Chris says...

CCM 600 motor in original frame modified by Mike Hill of Survivor Customs in 2016. Aluminium fuel tank with fibreglass cover, seat unit and fork guards. R6 front end and rear shock. 19in wheels with Dunlop tyres. Ready to be raced in DTRA.

This bike won the 2016 DTRA Thunderbike championship (unfortunately not with me) and a few podiums since (by me).


Contact Chris through his FTH website

Read about Survivor Customs Rotax in Sideburn 34

Action photos: DTRA/ Braking Point Images

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