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Every Trophy Queen: UPDATED

I'm not sure if you're anything like as nerdy as I am, but I collect a lot of stuff. I can't let much go. Related to this I log many of the regulars in Sideburn. This is on top of the Sideburn Magazine Archive (that lists the contents of every magazine and shows any multiple covers). This is an aid to find specific issues, to avoid repetition and to be generally nerdy.

I'm going to start posting them on the blog under the tag Sideburn Data. If I remember, I'll go back an update these when a new issue comes out, so they should always be pretty much up to date. If you click the BLOG tab at the top of the webpage, then scroll down to the tags and find Sideburn Data it'll be there for you.

Look at these names we've spoken to over the years in this, our longest running regular. We're alway on the hunt for great photos if you're a rider or photographer, pro or amateur, current or retired.

I hope it's useful to some of the other nerds out there.

2 Gary Nixon

3 Dave Aldana

4 John Hately

5 Don Emde

6 Chris Carr

7 Eddie Mulder

8 Ralph White

9 Bubba Shobert

10 Jim Odom

11 Skip Aksland

12 Mert Lawwill

13 Sammy Tanner

14 Dennis Kanagae

15 Skip van Leeuwen

16 Kenny Roberts

17 Rick Hocking (interview with photographer Dan Mahony)

18 Sonny Nutter

19 Mark Brelsford

20 Stu Egli

21 Doug Chandler

22 Forrest Clark

23 David Aldana

24 Thor Drake

25 Chris Carr

26 Gene Romero

27 Skip Aksland

28 Wayne Rainey

29 Ricky Graham (interview with photographer Mitch Friedman)

30 Hank Scott

31 Bryan Villella

32 Skip Aksland

33 Sonny Burres

34 Chuck Joyner

35 Kevin Atherton

36 George Roeder

37 Hank Scott

38 Eddie Mulder

39 Bryan Smith

40 Sammy Sabedra

41 Chris Carr

42 Dan Stanley

43 Ronnie Jones

Photo: Dave Hoenig (from SB35)

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