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1995 Peoria TT

The most recent UK DTRA round was the Greenfield TT. I'm not much of a jumper, but I won a heat race, came second in another (but was terrible in the finals).

I always think my Wood Rotax twin shock is not up to the jump, not compared to monoshock framers or DTX 450s. Most of it is down to me, part of it is not wanting to flatten my exhaust with my hamfisted landing, but really, it's me and never learning how to jump or, more importantly, land a motorcycle.

I was looking for something else when I found this well filmed clip of Chris Carr on a twinshock Wood Rotax ruling the Peoria TT. Lots of familiar names in this clip. This is 1995, I think, and Ronnie Jones who is still racing the AFT Twins class now is on the front row. Ben Bostrom, who became a factory WSB racer for Ducati is in this race too.

If I get chance, I'm going to get someone to teach me how to be more confident on the jump for next year.

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