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Tim Page // Danger Close

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Page recently (see SB30). He is still very much larger than life and as rebellious as all fuck! The Leica you see in this photo is the same camera he used to record the Vietnam War. I didn't get many opportunities to really sit down and hear his 'war stories' but the few times we did chat I was either in awe or stitches, he is a great storyteller and still loves his photography. Tim now lives in Australia and I believe there's a documentary of his life underway.

We met working on 'Danger Close' a film based on the battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) where 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers held off a regiment (2000 men) Vietcong. It's a brutal film but worth a watch if that sort of thing 'floats your boat'.


This off-topic Sunday (on a Monday) was served up by Hardy, an old friend of Sideburn, one of the original Jerkyls, a two-time SB trip survivor (the first SB Himalayas and Morocco 2016). He works on props and sets in the film industry. The Sideburn 30 story he refers to is the evocative one written by Russ Gater of 1960s/70s culture-obsessed clothing TSPTR. The story is about Vietnam War photographers, focussing on Sean Flynn (son of the legendary actor, Errol) and Dana Stone, who went missing after last being seen riding towards Cambodia on a Hondas (there's the link to a motorcycle magazine...).

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