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SacMile: Postponed

A rain-filled weather forecast has caused the promoters of this Saturday's Sacramento Mile to postpone the race until 10 August. That means:

A. The next Twins race is the Springfield Mile 1 at the end of May (with the singles racing the TT the day before).

B. Teams will have four races in less than two weeks in August. 4th Buffalo Chip TT, 6th Black Hills HM; 10th SacMile; 17th Peoria TT.

That is really going to benefit the bigger teams with resources, budgets and manpower to rebuild and transport bikes between each round. It also means a lot of cross-country driving for privateers, which the AFT has done its best to avoid in recent years, hence the SacMile following Arizona and SoCal in the original schedule.

Black Hills to Sacramento - 1300 miles

Sacramento to Peoria - 2000 miles

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