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TCX Speedway Boots

After nine seasons, and over 400 individual race starts in seven different countries, I felt I deserved a fresh set of boots. Unusually for me, because I normally like a change, I looked no further than the ones I was already wearing.

These Italian-made TCX Speedways were a new model when I got hold of my first pair and they haven't changed much. All I really noticed was the different inner boot, that you need to put on before you slip your foot in. Being proper speedway boots, the boots are asymmetrical, the left has a smooth, slightly curved sole, the right has a regular grip and heel like a road race boot. A speedway supply specialist, like Alan Belham in Norfolk, sell specific hot shoes for TCX boots, at £60 or so, much cheaper than a custom made US hot shoe.

The boots are man-made uppers with plastic shin and heel guards. They're not a retro boot, but they have much more give than motocross boots I've tried (but I haven't tried many to be honest). They've only worn incredibly well, the only problems have been: A. A broken zip, repaired for £20 by a local Timpsons, after I tried to zip them over some MX trousers, rather than under my leathers, like I normally do. B. A burn on the ankle from an Indian Scout hooligan. Hardly the boot's fault.

There's still a lot of life left in the old TCX boots race on with my son, Max.

They're a pricey boot at around the £280 mark, but I've seen them for sale, brand news, at £100 less than that, and I've proved they're made to last.

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