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DTRA King's Lynn Vintage Metal. Pt.1

I wrote about my excitement for the new DTRA season last week, and didn't touch upon that added bonus of tons of new bikes turning up. We'll be posting snaps of them. First up is Dave Webb's Triumph T120. David has raced with the DTRA Vintage class for two or three seasons now and is quite a regular on the podium.

There were 24 entries for the King's Lynn race. There are championships for two-a dn four-strokes, but the class runs in mixed heats, all machines combined into grids with a maximum of 12 riders on track at a time. Perhaps there will soon be enough two-strokes to split the groups, so the leading four-stroke rider gets chance to cross the line first in their own final.

Beautiful scallop paint job was carried out by LA Custom Coatings in Hingham, Norfolk. That company is run by another DTRA racer, we think.

David always gets a lot out of mildly modified machinery and this new one has a stock Triumph frame (in a class that is filling up with an increasing number of Triumph twin framers). Unusually, David runs rear struts rather than shocks. It's the way he likes it.

Textures and styles. This is why we love (& sponsor) the DTRA Vintage class.

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