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Fast and Left

I've known about this film project for a while and have been in touch with the maker, Evan Senn, in the recent past. The trailer was recently released so I dug back in the emails to find his introduction that explains his idea very well.

The I hope this message finds you well. I first want to say what a HUGE fan of Sideburn I am. This film might not have been made without Sideburn. I was already a motorcycle racing fan before I found your magazine and had made some short films before. But when I first saw Yve Assad’s write-up in #17… I thought ‘That’s IT!’ This film means a lot to me and it has been a career high to help tell the amazing stories involved in flat track racing.

A quick back-story, this film is completely self-funded and was only supposed to be about Jeeps Motorcycle Park in Wichita, Kansas. However, people were so welcoming, the stories were so great, and the racing was so intense I just kept following the story wherever it took me… Wichita, Oklahoma City, Hays, Colby, Stockton, and Springfield. The Kansas Fair Circuit has such a rich and storied history and I see myself shooting there even after the film is finished. The people I met, I will never forget.

I am planning on shooting more of the Kansas races next year, so this film is far from done… but this gives a small preview as to what the film could be. I already have some shots and ideas planned for next season. Specifically in Stockton, Kansas which has ran races for 112 years and counting. I don’t currently plan on shooting any more AFT (although I’m real sad I didn’t shoot at turn 1 in Springfield).

[We were sent an early, much longer rough cut, and asked not to share] I am showing you this to get your thoughts and because I want you to see it before everyone else. I know this isn’t the typical sports documentary, but I hope it highlights some of the best parts of flat track motorcycle racing. Once you watch I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, events I need to shoot and if there’s anyone else I need to talk to… although my budget is real tight.

Please watch this on a large screen with nice speakers or headphones if possible.

Evan is welcoming any donations to help fund the documentary. He says. 'This film was started by my love of flat track racing and is dedicated to the riders who keep this wonderful sport alive. The film will be released in 2019. This is an entirely self-funded film that I would like to post online for free. Any donation would help to make this film possible. Please message me if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities. Thank you for helping me to tell this story.'

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