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Flat Out Friday Load-In

Our man on the ground, Ed Makowski, has sent these photos and captions from Milwaukee. Remember, tonight's Flat Out Friday races are livestreamed on Harley-Davidson's facebook page. Over to Ed...

Here are some pictures from our frigid Flat Out Friday load in. It's 10 degrees F here with about a 20 degree windchill. Above is Kevin Frank is exhaling his feelings about this cold weather.

The Rusty Butcher fella has a WFT-am-I-doing-pushing-this-bike-around-this-godforsaken-tundra? look on his face..

'This is my first race. I've been dreaming about this moment for four years.' Lewis Szjewski with parents John and Sarah and his KX65.

Frannie Freckles with her boonie bike.

The hooligan number plates are pretty great this year. Ape wild.

[The gorilla on the number plates is actually from one of our DirtQuake USA posters, created by Toria Jaymes of Stay Outside Studio. GI.]

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