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Stefano Zardini

Some days ago we lost Stefano Zardini, the Italian photographer, filmmaker and artist, who was featured in 'Inferno Fangoso' in SB #14.

I’d like to remember Stefano with this short story: a couple of years ago I organized the showing of his movie 'Il Levriero'. It’s a short movie, 25 minutes, rough, intense, very ahead of its time, made in 1977 and featuring the Italian speedway rider "Charlie Brown”, known to all as Giuseppe Marzotto, founder and owner of GM speedway engines. It was a little event, but very important because it was the first showing of the film from 1977 and, overall, the first time Charlie Brown and Stefano had met since the 1970s and again the first time Charlie would see the movie.

That night Stefano preferred this event to another important event about his job: he was selected for an exhibition of his fine art works in St. Moritz, a collective exhibition with the work of Pollock and other great pop artists. He preferred to follow his passion for motorcycle races and the emotion to meet Charlie. A real gentleman.

Here are some pictures of him riding and a couple of pictures you can see his experiment of helmet camera. He tried to use personally riding his Montesa for an enduro movie and also used for that speedway movie.

See more at Stefano Zardini

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