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Wilbur's New Framer

It would be hard for me to choose a favourite DTRA racer (who isn't also a family member), ok, you twisted my arm - WILBUR SKIPP!

Wilbur and his Harley XR750 Tribute, actually built out of a Honda XR75, is featured in Sideburn 35, but this is his new bike. His father, Jeremy, also a DTRA regular, sent us these details...

Chassis is Lazer and engine is a bored out XL125, possibly 175cc with a Megacycle cam. Seller built it some years ago and couldn’t remember! He’s allowed up to 230cc so we’re keeping an eye out for a XR200 or CRF230 engine (or even 225 Yamaha), I think it’ll be outpaced by the 85cc two-strokes as it is but we’ll see how it goes. We’re also fitting 17” wheels (currently 18”).

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