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Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man

Italian cinema of the '70s seems to have much that overlaps with the entertainment interests of Sideburn enthusiasts, and Deodato Ruggero's completely mad 'Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man' from 1976 definitely fits the profile.

It's a pretty classic Poliziotteschi - basically a crime drama with a heavily anti-establishment angle. In this particular gem we meet two cops, Fred and Tony, who it turns out are members of a special squad that basically saves time and expense for the legal system by offing any criminals they catch. They are of course complete scumbags in a '70s way and much violence, explosions and chases ensue. It's the opening sequence that makes it truly Sideburn material though. Our 'heroes' are cruising helmetless through Rome and witness a botched purse snatch. A KTM is immediately pinched off a convenient trailer and a full scale, three-bike chase, involving a GT750 Kettle and Suzuki TS400, through the Italian capital is under way. Supposedly the chase was filmed without any permission.

It's great stuff, definitely evocative of 'C'ètait Un Rendez-Vous' and it's famed Ferrari through Paris (also from 1976), only this chase ends with broken necks rather than Parisian beauties. Wildly fun and worth pulling up on YouTube if only for the chase sequence with its fantastic footage of 70s Rome and amazing array of quality vehicles. Avanti!

Warning: trailer contains graphic violence and nakedness.

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