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Raffaella Carra

Off-topic Sunday!

I've had a heavy week of magazine-making, bit of EICMA blogging and then an almighty kick in the balls when my sand racer, that had been starting second kick all week, decided to lose it's spark hours before the race. You bastard!

To banish all that I spent a few minutes watching Raffaella Carra. The Italian singer, dancer, presenter was born three months before the Italians surrendered in 1943 (I didn't realise they surrendered in '43 until earlier this week.

UPDATE - look at the comment below. The Italians signed an 'armistice' they didn't surrender. The NY Times learning centre say they surrendered. Whatever the outcome, it was for the better and Raffaella doubtless benefitted).

Anyway, it doesn't seem to have done Carra any lasting harm. Despite being Italian, she was popular in South America, so perhaps that's why this so title is Spanish, and translates as, I think 'You have to the South'. Enjoy!

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