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Superhooligans invade San Francisco

In less than three years, the Super Hooligan National Championship has reimagined what a flat track focussed event can be. This weekend, there are a total of four hooligan races all happening around the Sturgis area, including one at the Buffalo Chip, which is also hosting the next AFT round, a TT race tomorrow.

Then, in just two weekends time, Roland Sands Designs is promoting another mould-breaker and making the hooligans the two-wheeled focal point of the Moto Bay Classic (a follow on from last October's Moto Beach Classic - featured in a special supplement with SB31). The event is going to be at Pier 32, in the heart of San Francisco's tourist hot spot - in the middle of August! Talk about bringing biking to the masses.

I think there are going to be questions asked about big bikes on small pop-up flat tracks soon, but at the moment there is no lack of interest, or racers signing up for these prestigious events.

The location, the ingredients, the bands, the sponsors, the International Police Motor Skills Comp... Sounds like it's going to be great.

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