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Official Harley Street Tracker Coming This Year (we think...)

Following on from yesterday's new of Harley's future models, I had already commented that I thought a street tracker was likely then one of our readers spotted something and we had a hint from deep inside Milwaukee's HQ about more to come.

. Watch the More Roads film one more time and you'll see a designer clay modeling a tank, then the screen cuts to the future 1250 Custom. They are close enough together to be mistaken for the same bike, but we're putting two and two together and saying a Roadster based street tracker will be released at next month's 115th Anniversary party in Milwaukee.

Thor Drake (See See Founder) wrote a great feature for Sideburn 31 describing how he built a street tracker from the latest 1200 Roadster, and pleaded with H-D to build one. After so many failures to create a true street tracker that excites the target audience, this might be H-D's last chance to nail it. The timing could not be better. Has there ever been more interest in this kind of street bike? The crossover to hooligan racing and the buzz it is creating in the younger end of the market should make it viable.

The Roadster platform is budgeted for, and more than likely paid off by now in the company's accounts, so it's not a risky proposition to create something on the way to hardcore.

Look at the still screengrab above and the not too subtle hint in the background, of the first generation XR750. Check out the triple clamps and forks. They look very Roadster to me. While the tucked-in headlight, looks like it's emerging from a number plate. The engine rocker covers too look air-cooled 45-degree of a Sportster, not liquid-cooled 60-degree of the new 1250 engine that the Pan American, streetfigther and 1250 custom all had.

Plus, Harley already own the name XR1200 (after the whole Storz Performance thing...).

Who thinks I'm right?

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