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MotoTattoo Helmet Customising

As cults and previously niche styles are co-opted by the mainstream and made ordinary by social media repetition, the desire to customise everything only seems to be growing. Looking to capitalise on this custom explosion, UK company MotoTattoo are offering a new, and affordable service to customise helmets with a factory finish. The graphic is a mock-up as an example of what can be achieved, and this is what MotoTattoo say...

Founded in 2017 by creative artists and motorcycle industry professionals with over 30 years front line experience in motorcycle helmet design and manufacture. A team with a true passion for design, bikes and customisation.

MotoTattoo brings a revolution in individual, personalised and limited edition helmet design. Unique, personalised and hand crafted products....our design, or your very own design can now be applied inexpensively and quickly to any helmet.

Permanent, Safe, Beautiful Hi-Res Quality and Finish, any Colour, inc: metallics, chromes, fluos and special finishes such as distressed, vintage looks etc...Everything is possible.

Use our online design tool to design your very own helmet, or work with our design team to help you create your masterpiece.


MotoTattoo Ltd, Design studio, workshops and production facility is based near Wrexham in Wales. Our internal design team and studio work in conjunction with many talented artists to bring you an endless stream of ever changing designs and art vibes.

Our own “of the shelf” collection, changes month to month with new additions weekly.

Our motto....”Choose well, buy less, own fewer better quality things and make them last a long time”, even a lifetime. Thats why if your MotoTattoo product breaks down, send it back and we will either repair it or replace it with our 5 year warranty.

We back our products and services with a full 5 year warranty and a 5 year crash insurance at no extra cost

All our products are designed and individually hand decorated by our own designers and artists at our headquarters here in the U.K.

Hand Crafted with a Passion for Excellence

Pricing: Our Fully Decorated Helmets range in retail price from only £150 to £399

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