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Guitar Wolf x Lewis Leathers

Forget Ronaldo joining Juventus, the biggest signing of 2018 is Lewis Leathers' securing a sponsorship deal with Jet Rock legend Guitar Wolf.

The London-based manufacturer has been outfitting motorcyclists, aviators and rock and roll stars since 1892, and recently opened a successful store in Harajuku, Japan, so a tie-in with cowhide enthusiast, Guitar Wolf is well timed.

I met the company's owner, Derek Harris, at this weekend's Assembly Chopper Show, where I took these hasty snaps of the Guitar Wolf replica, and he explained the jacket is based on an existing design, the Memphis, but with changes requested by Mr G Wolf, namely khaki main and cuff zips and belt studs. The special edition is named the Memphis 723 - G being the 7th letter of the alphabet, W the 23rd).

To order yours, go to or visit their London or Tokyo stores.

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Watch the video below to understand exactly why you're next leather jacket should be a Lewis Leathers Memphis 723...

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