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Ride Like Lightning

Motorbikes have long been associated with 'rebel' culture, and if at times that gets co-opted into 'Sons Of Anarchy' or 'Road Hogs' style sadness, there's still plenty of good stuff out there. The Jamaicans of the '70s had it going on with some powerful music, defiantly non-mainstream attitude and a love of two-wheeled cool. Below is Big Youth, probably sometime in the early 80's, delivering his S90 Skank live and with much panache...

What Big Youth is, in fact, on about is quite abstract at any given moment as I believe he was enthusiast for the jazz ciggies. This particular track however, the key lines are 'If you ride like thunder, you'll crash like lightning' or 'don't crash like lightning' depending on which version you have. The above photo as it makes the whole premise make more sense.

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