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Hooligan Hearbeat

Sideburn asked filmmaker James Cox to shoot Sideburn Hooligan racer Grant Martin at Hells Race, then explain his concept. This is what he said. it'll strike a chord with anyone who has raced motorcycles...

'Having shot a good number of flat track races in various locations over the last few years, one aspect of the day that always strikes me is that for the riders, their time is spent alternating between fairly long periods of quiet downtime and very intensive bursts of action. When I was asked to attend Hells Race to film Grant Martin racing on his Harley -Davidson MSHD 750 Street Rod for Sideburn, I decided to attempt to illustrate this in my film using Grant’s heartbeat, the pace of the edit and the sound design to accentuate the emotional rollercoaster I was observing. Turn up the sound, put your headphones in and enjoy.'

The next DTRA Hooligan round is THIS WEEKEND at MCN Live, Peterborough.

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