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Texas & Calistoga by OBR24

Texas was a struggle, we never really found a groove all day. I had a week to drive up to San Francisco to see my uncle and family friends who I stopped with. I used their workshop to prep the bikes! Karl flew home and Paul Harrison flew in to stay for a couple of weeks. We started off pretty good at Calistoga and remained the same through heat/semi and into the main. I made a terrible start in the main and made up 7 passes to finish in 8th. Still not the result I’ve been looking for but we are edging closer! We just spent a couple of days at my uncles in San Francisco getting things ready. We took a back road to a dyno location to test something before the miles and basically ended up climbing a cliff face! Had a nap at the beach and got some miles covered through the night to Phoenix, AZ (TONIGHT). We will arrive in a few hours and will make some adjustments to the motor at a friends house, I will pick my dad up this evening from the airport. Time for the miles.

Photo: Tom Stein

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