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Hebtroco started out as a trouser company, a small scale manufacturer, with zero experience, but the idea to make trousers in the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, the former 'Trouser Town', with British made fabric. I knew one of the founders, Ed Oxley, because he was a Sideburn reader and had bought a bike from me, so I kept an eye on them.

I love the idea of making stuff in the UK, but it is very difficult, a lot more difficult than Hebtroco are making it look. Now they're producing trousers, jackets, boots, belts, balaclavas and art prints, all in the north of England. And they're having fun while doing it (see above).

The latest product is the 1485 Field Jacket. I've ordered one. Hebtroco describe it as being...

'...based on a British Army jacket pattern from the 1960s which was originally made by our manufacturer. We have adjusted the pattern to be a better fit and have used premium British woven 100% Merino 12.5oz wool cloth.'

See more at Hebtroco

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