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Honda CRF450 FT

There's been a bit of a fuss on the social medias about Honda offering a race ready CRF450 in flat track trim. Well, it's not true. Actually it's an enterprising Spanish outfit, Alonso Racing Team, who is doing it.

The image above is taken directly from their website, but it appears to be a computer mock-up. The Alonso Honda below is a real bike, that of top Spanish rider, Franc Serra's (images from @francserrasala instagram). The real bike is on 17s, because one of the Spanish championships and the Superprestigio chooses 17in wets.

What do you get? Brand new CRF450 with a 19in front wheel (graphic shows it with a disc) and a wider 19in rear (current MX bikes comes with a 19in rim as stock, but it's narrower than most racer want). The suspension is lowered and revalved, according to the bumpf. You get some stickers and a front fender 'modify to flat track'. I'll tell you how to modify to flat track, ditch it, por favor!

Price is €9200 (tax and shipping inc - we're guessing that's delivery to their premises, not yours). At current exchange rates that's £8190 (or $11,280 - as if you've have one shipped from Spain to the US...). Current UK list price on a CRF450 is £7384.

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