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New Lock-Up

After ten years, Sideburn has grown out of its original warehouse. The everyday was rubbing up against the business too much, so we've rented a storage unit for stuff we use for shows, but don't need on a regular basis, plus some other stuff.

At the moment it's in the dream period of not being too full and looking like an apartment from a 1960s popcorn spy series and it's bringing out my latent, inner shop window dresser.

Clear Your Head by Stay Outside Studio backdrop (we have giclee art prints of this Clear Your Head design). Spare Rotax on a fuel drum I've had for about ten years, after picking it up in a BSB pit.

Rollerburn/Rollerball Houston Davida Speedster with a Biltwell peak. Ikea shelves from last year's Bike Shed Show.

Old car, old scooter parked on a box that Dave Skooter Farm made for our very first show booth, Stafford 2010, One Show print, Habitat peacock chair - been after one for years and recently acquired this from Anna and Anthony at the DTRA. This photo was before the floor had been painted.

The poster is a French original of The Wild Angels, my favourite Biker B movie, starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra.

Chair on painted floor.

One Show print on the wall, with a painting Mrs I did years ago. The pictures are straight, the photography isn't.

Old sticker on old car.

Tailors dummy that we use for shows wearing a green Wingboot T-shirt and my old Kawasaki jacket, signed by Eddie Lawson at the Stafford 2010 show referenced above.

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