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Snow Fun, Snow Future

Last weekend's SB x Hebtroco Winter Party and camp-out was nearly scuppered by, er... winter. Attendees dropped out left right and centre, some turning back as the weather and conditions got just too bad, but a hardcore few promised to come, meaning we had to go ahead with it.

The rules were, two wheels only. No vans or cars.

Ed from Hebtroco wrote the report, Tom Bing took the photos (though the ones in this blog post are mainly mine). Read a Winter's Tale.

Hebtroco are a great company. They are committed to making high quality clothing in the North of England. Trousers, jackets, belts, boots, that will last a generation. I have a pair of their trousers and feel they're going to outlast me.

Big thanks to Kriega (another Northern company, formed in Cheshire, now in Wales) for donating one of their bombproof (not literally) Kriega R3 waist pack to one lucky attendee, Lewis, who rode from Beverly, East Yorkshire, in jeans! Then crashed on ice in the car park.

And to Fiddy from Davida (yet another Northern powerhouse, from Birkenhead) for riding over on a Hayabusa in a blizzard and giving away one of the smart new Davida Koura full-faces to Jordan (Below - not sure what Jordan did to deserve it. I'd gone by that point, but result!).

Now read the STORY.

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