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Temple Coffee, Leeds

We have a new stockist in my old home town. Temple Coffee & Doughnuts is hidden from view on a little industrial estate on the Armley, Kirkstall border in west Leeds (very near the original Eddy's Motorcycles, if anyone remembers that site). I found out it was opening from Eric, in Portland, because his friend, the tattooist, Simon Erl, is one of the founders along with Nadine (above).

The place isn't motorcycle-themed, but it's moto (and dog) friendly, and there is a photo of Sideburn contributor, Josh Kurpius on the wall. It's a cool place to hang out in. I've been twice, both on Saturdays, and it's been a struggle to find a seat both times.

There are all the usual modern coffee and tea drinks, plus regular teas and black coffee, and a roll call of oddball beverages like Black Sabbath latte and Golden turmeric tea. And the doughnuts? Tyson fist-sized sweet concoctions with House of Kolor Kandy Apple glazes, unusual flavourings and even some with mini syringes to squirt extra fillings in at your table. And from this week, Temple opens on Sundays. Support the independents.

Temple Coffee, Unit 3, Burley Court, Burley Place, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2AR

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