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Fat Bob's Mud Bath

When we redesigned our website we created a STORIES section, for quality photos and words that we simply couldn't fit in the magazine or we wanted to share before the next issue was due.

The section has grown quickly and that required a re-jig, so STORIES are now under STORIES DIRECTORY. Follow that link and you'll see thumbnails and a short description of all the stories so far.

The latest is Fat Bob's Mud Bath, photos from the day our mate and UK flat tracker/hooligan racer, Grant Martin borrowed 300kg of 2017 Harley Fat Bob and abused it.

The story was originally a Maidstone H-D promo, but the photos are too good not to share. I have a soft spot for this big Softail. It could be my age. Nice to see the test bike has Racefit pipe too.

We're hoping to do a lot more with Grant in the future. We'll keep you posted.

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