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Arne's Arms

From Arne in Amsterdam...

Nice to see Menze Kwint's art in the new Sideburn and how you continue to support the arts and its artists! Nice one! Funny enough both Menze and Lennard are my mates and I have a couple tattoos of their works. And somehow they are extremely related to Sideburn magazine.

The first one I saw was Lennard's design and it was a Sideburn sticker and I loved it so much I got it tattooed.

The other one I had done after I saw Menze’s sketches online. He was inspired by my moped I had made for La Copita at Wheels and Waves so it made sense I put that on my arm as well. Not that big of a deal but I just felt like letting you know. Also I’m working on a fiction motorcycle movie and it is my goal to once be in your magazine’s biker movie section. All the best and keep up the great work. Take care! Cheers, Arne Toonen. Amsterdam

To read about Menze Kwint and his art, BUY SIDEBURN 31

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