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From the Andean Altiplano to Hebden Bridge

Newcastle-upon-Tyne based photographer Tom Bing is part of the 'entertainment package' for our forthcoming Sideburn x Hebtroco Winter Party and Camp-Out. He's doing a presentation on the epic (correct use of the word) road trip he and his wife, Sally, took through South and Central America on Honda 150s, riding and surfing up the Pacific coast. While choosing his photos for the slide show he sent this email...

Thought you'd like this photo shot in a town called Putre on the border of Chile, Peru and Bolivia, in Andean altiplano. We took stock XR150s to 4,400m above sea level that day and swum in hot springs at 5am. It was fun but slow in case you’re wondering!

Map attached for reference.

Thought you’d like your sticker being way up there! Tom

The sticker is one from the Ryan Quickfall sticker pack we made a couple of years ago. It's stuck on a gloss Vintage White Biltwell Gringo.

Taking place on Saturday 9 December near Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, the capacity of the winter party has been increased and is almost sold out again.

Other speakers are Dave Skooter Farm (Subject: My First Motorcycle Race); Pete Wilky (Subject: Breathless in the Himalayas); Brant Richards (Subject: My Life in Trousers). There is more entertainment, evening meal and breakfast. If you like the sound of it, book your place now! No cars, no vans, motorcycles only.

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