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Off-topic Sunday...

Unsurprisingly, the most fun and stylish cinematic interpretation of the space age future is Italian. Here from 1967's '4-3-2-1....Morte!' (aka 'Mission Stardust') you've got it all: mad cool rocket ships, space suits and ground transport for starters. Sure the effects are better nowadays, but it's all George Clooney and being stranded or eviscerated by alien monsters. Somehow a glamorous blonde alien with bangs, silver go-go boots and a nice line in nicely fitting jumpsuits is more fun, especially when her ship has a modernist boudoir as standard equipment. Throw in 'Seli', a classic bit of swinging Italo pop as theme song and it's over. Genius, and the whole film is on YouTube should you be inclined.

Kirk is our good friend, a Kiwi living in Pasadena.

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