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Lenny Sticker Pack - Get It FREE

It's been a long time since we made a sticker back, but we're back with a stunner from our old mate, Lennard Schuurmans. What is it? Five coloured and cut stickers in a collectable pack.

Apply them to your lap top, tool box, helmet or vehicular mode of transport. Or just shove them in a shoebox until they've gained enough rarity and sentimental value that you can't bring yourself to stick them on anything and earn the scorn of your other half for having shoeboxes full of stickers. Either way, buy now or regret forever.


Buy the new Sideburn Hi-Mids T-shirt, also by Lennard Schuurmans, add the sticker pack to your cart at the same time, then enter the code LENNY at check-out, and get the sticker pack for FREE.

Get your T-shirt and free sticker pack now. Offer lasts until Saturday 11 November and only works with combined purchases of Hi-Mids T-shirt and Lenny sticker pack.

BUY NOW and don't forget the code LENNY.

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