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Davida Koura

Next week, one of our favourite companies, Davida, is launching its first ever full-face helmet. There are no still images and details are scant, until the launch at EICMA, Milan next week, so you have to just do with this video. It looks interesting though.

The Koura is, Davida says, 'a race-bred, retro-inspired, high performance helmet, clearly identifiable as a Davida, with an exceptionally low profile and a strikingly bold styling that will be impossible to go unnoticed on the streets and the track.

'Davida's first full face helmet is a result of the enhancement of their Technical Team with the very best expertise of Italian MotoGP & F1 racing helmet designers.'

This is a massive step for the company, who almost single handedly blazed the trail in retro style for so many years, before the new cafe racer explosion saw many more manufacturers start making open-face lids. I've ridden all over the world in Davida Jets and Classics and have always been impressed by their fit and finish. And every Davida is still hand-finished in their Uk factory in Birkenhead.

Read more about my visit to Davida in Sideburn 26.

The first person to correctly identify the rider in the promo video, and leave the name in a comment, wins a Sideburn sticker pack.

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