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The frankly dumbfounding news of Spanish police attacking firefighters and beating the public who had their hands in the air in submission on the day of the Catalan referendum reminded me of a story Dan Walsh sent me a while ago, the story of Superluzme.

According to Colors magazine, Superluzme is not the first political luchador, but he is the first we've seen fighting for workers' rights on what appears to be a big Yamaha factory cruiser.

Colors quoted Superluzme, who protests on behalf of the Mexican union of electricians, 'I fought in the ring as the Executioner before I realized that wrestling, soap operas and football stupefy the people and make them apathetic to social issues. Now, on a motorbike, or, as I call it, my metal steed, I ride through city streets hounding rotten politicians, telling that band of raptors that the Mexican people are waking up and say ‘No’ to their festering policies.'

He continues 'The Federales [Mexican Federal Police] were created to defend citizens, but presidents use them to repress the people.'

Photo: Noor Khamis/Reuters

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