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Mutt Motorcycles, Birmingham

Mutt Motorcycles and Monday Mo Co have moved in together in big new premises in central Birmingham and we went for a visit. Above is Sam, the shop manager, with his own Mutt 125, that had been beaten and abused and had 'about ten' owners.

Outside. Not many clues to cool hiding inside.

Huge Mutt painted on the alleyway wall.

Reception. Art and DirtQuake photography on the walls.

A Honda Digger belonging to Benny Boneshaker, Mutt boss and Monday Mo Co's co-founder.

More hand painting, like the outside wall, carried out by Will, one of the owners. Ironhead Sportster too.

The retail area. Loads of tasty stuff from Biltwell, Deus, Rokker, Roland Sands, Pike Brothers, FTH, Ashley Watson and others plus Mutt and Monday Mo Co, themselves. They stock Sideburn too.

Panhead digger.

No new motorcycle shop is complete with a coffee spot.

Mutt display in the cafe area. This is a Blackest Sabbath.

A Mutt Baja. All Mutts are built in the far east and hand-finished in the Birmingham HQ. New bars, bigger back wheel, new pipe, alloy guards, custom seats and more depending on the special edition - Hilts, Desert Racer, Baja, Blackest Sabbath, S54-17... The range is made up of 125s, but 250s are in development.

Blackest Sabbath. Just like the one owned by Skin from Skunk Anansie's.

Behind the cafe is the large workshop, where new Mutts are prepared and PDI'd.

The premises are an old Birmingham factory that was ravaged by fire. Some of the fire's effects are still visible outside, but inside it's all industrial chic, in a real industrial setting.

Keep an eye on Mutt events and give them a visit. Find Mutt Motorcycles at The Mutt House, 77 Upper Trinity, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4EG

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