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Hastings & Eastbourne

Next weekend, East Sussex is the English county to be in (and not only if you're a retiree hoping for a bench to warm while looking out over the Channel and wondering how the last 40 years of your life evaporated and how the foreigners have ruined the country and the youth of today aren't up to much and how a good war would sort the men from the boys and if only Thatcher were still alive...).

The Revolution Show is back for a two-dayer in Hastings with custom bikes, art, photography, and a film night on Saturday night. See more at Revolution Show.

Then on Sunday, 17 miles west along the coast, it's the final round of the DTRA series at Eastbourne. Free to spectate, rookies, youths, minis in the morning. Pros, Thunders and Vintage in the afternoon (I'm pretty sure vintage are in the PM. I'll confirm later in the week).

Revolution Poster: Adi Gilbert/ 99 Seconds

DTRA poster: Ryan Quickfall

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