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Guy Martin Edition Transit

I've never understood the American obsession with pick-up trucks. Panel vans are where it's at, any fool know. Sure, I used to mess around with a trailer behind the family car (see Fiat Multipla), and understand that not everyone can have a car and a van, but then I bought a dirt cheap, ex-Post Office LDV Pilot before progressing to Sideburn's current ex-Jason VW T5 Transporter (with Ornamental Conifer signwriting).

But pick-ups, really? I don't get it. You put your bike and kit in, it all gets wet and dirty if it rains. You can't leave it anywhere without being afraid it's going to get nicked. Most modern pick-ups don't even have a bed long enough to fit a bike in with the tailgate up.

Van enthusiast, Sideburn collaborator, DirtQuake survivor and all-round legend, Guy Martin has designed his own Transit van. The Guy Martin Proper elements can be fitted to any new Ford Transit. The one is the photos is an 'L2, H2', medium wheelbase, medium roof height, of the Transit range. Unlike the US market Transits, we can't get the L2, H1.

“Things like, the headlights on the Tranny weren’t the sharpest tools in the box, the lining pack in the back wasn’t the toughest, you can get stuck in the mud on a farm yard with standard tyres, the seats were ok but they get tatty and covered in all sorts of oil and grease, I couldn’t stand on the grill to clean the top of the windscreen and I wanted access to the front of the cab from behind the bulkhead.

"I wanted it to look understated but cool, without screaming at you. Those who know will know what it is.”

This is what you get.

Exterior Features

  • Tough bespoke bumper design

  • Matt silver painted air vents

  • Sporty A-design front grill featuring Lazer Lamps main-beam assist lights

  • Aluminium radiator under-guard for extra protection

  • Guy Martin limited-edition livery, with Guy’s Skull and Spanners logo

  • All-terrain tyres and powder coat Ford alloys (at extra cost)

Interior Features

  • Bespoke Guy Martin® ‘Tough Series’ seats, finished in eco-leather & durable fabric so easier to clean

  • Sports steering wheel in nappa leather featuring embossed Guy Martin Skull and Spanners logo

  • Special-edition Guy Martin speedometer dials

  • Guy Martin limited edition gift bag

  • Limited-edition serial number mounted on a real piece of the Wall of Death, where Guy got the world record top speed

  • Lift up access hatch to bulkhead (where applicable)

Go to Guy Martin Proper to order yours...

And yes, that is a Not For Aircraft Use Sideburn T-shirt...

You can still order the new Sideburn x Guy Martin Proper T-shirt, design by Stay Outside Studio, from

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