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The Last Time I Wore a T-shirt

I spent the weekend racing in Wales with the DTRA and the two day meeting allowed me more time to talk to Sideburn ambassador, John Harrison, than we do at one-day meetings. I'd awarded John a Sideburn sweatshirt when he won Sideburn's Vintage rider of the day at the DTRA's King's Lynn round. He told me he'd given it to his daughter. I already knew he didn't wear T-shirts, but I thought he might wear a sweatshirt. Wrong. GI

As you asked to see it, here is the photo of me in the twilight of my T-shirt wearing days. It is 1992, so I'm 32 or 33. I'm grinning uncontrollably because my Harley is back together after engine and fork rebuilds and the fresh paint job, and presumably this was taken at first fire up. I won't have ridden it for seven years or so while I saved up to pay for all the work, and as I'd got married and had our first two children by then I doubt I'd even sat on a motorbike for three or four years. Riding this bike to and from work this summer still makes me boundlessly happy.

You can keep your Porsche. I'd love to have my 1981 Alfa GTV6 back [the car in the background]. No other car taught me as much about driving fast. Still the finest production engine in history.

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