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DirtQuake USA Megapost Pt 2

After all the day's fun (outlined in the previous post), it was down to the serious business of DirtQuake racing.

Inappropriate Road Bikes! This is Taylor on his BMW and Casey on some road heavyweight prince of the highways. In third is our announcer, Joey, who was commentating live thanks to a radio mike gaffer taped to his helmet!

The onomatopoeic Mr Cronk (I think) in the minibike class.

The winner of the chopper category in the show got a free entry in the chopper race. The winner said he was already in another class, so it was thrown open to anyone else in the show. Without a second thought Ian shouted out and entered the race. Legend.

The Tripod World Title was about the funnest spectacle of the day. Super flat tracker Scooter Vernon put his mate in a Radio Flyer cart, and towed him around in behind a mini Honda ATC, in matching onesies (see previous post). But Scot B was back to win for the second year running on his evil four-cylinder big wheel.

Danger Ehren (who some of you might know from Jackass and if you're not easily offended, watch this) wanted to enter 'Hooligan Light'. There isn't one (but there should be), so we put him in Street Tracker.

On the matter of Hooligan Light, the US scene needs that in a hurry. The Superhooligans are so, so fast now that you have to have a Scout or a tuned Sportster or XG750 to have a chance of competing, plus a very high-level of racecraft. The US scene seems to have moved from a fun way into flat track (as it still is in the UK), to a pro class with nearly 20 factory supported riders in about two years.

If there isn't a Hooligan Lite class soon, that riders can and do progress from, then I fear not much new blood will enter the class.

On the upside, the Superhooligan bikes looks great and the racing is incredible.

1. Andy DiBrino, H-D XG750

2. Joe Kopp, Triumph

3. Brand Spencer, Ducati Scrambler

Hooligan startline, right? Wrong! Lady class got serious! Casey in the middle on a little Honda outgunned by five hooligans! There were other less serious riders having a lot of fun too.

The Ladies class were lucky enough to be flagged off by this masked hunk of man-candy.

We had some pro racing too. This is Mickey Fay Sr out on his very early Wood Rotax. National number 67, Davis Fisher and hot shot Tanner Dean were also racing.

The Chopper racing was hawt! This is Californian 450 racer (and DirtQuake recidivist) Rob Bush chasing down Jeff H. Rob won the class and collected his jar of dirt (that was the trophy) in the most surreal manner (with added boob flashers).

Jenny ends the race, and this post. More DirtQuake USA when I get chance.

Thanks to See See Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, Pabst, Scrambler by Ducati, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Stance, Fox Shox, Mt St Helens MC, all the volunteers and everyone who came to race or spectate.

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