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Rollerball Helmet: $10,000

Norm Motorcycho sent me a link to this auction last night. It was part of a live auction and it didn't sell.

1212. Rollerball Team Houston helmet. (United Artists, 1975) Vintage original Houston Rollerball team helmet. Constructed of commercial football helmet shell painted in the red, orange and gunmetal gray Houston team colors, plastic adjustable faceguard and 5-metal studs affixed to the front above the gunmetal gray painted face port. With a dark gray rubber gasket piping frames the neck and face port. With padded interior ear guards and a Styrofoam head liner in the interior crown of the helmet. Exhibiting scuffs and production wear to the outer paint and some deterioration to the Styrofoam liner. Visible in Rollerball match sequences worn by players on the central team lead by “Jonathan E.” (James Caan). In vintage production used good condition. $10,000 - $15,000

We featured Rollerball in issue 6. The cult director, Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Straight to Hell) wrote about the movie for us.

Rollerball was also inspiration for our first big event, Rollerburn, back in 2011.

Davida helmets made a full range of Rollerball replicas: Houston, Madrid, Tokyo and New York. You can still order the paintjobs now from Davida.

Advert directed by Drogo Michie.

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