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El Bandido

Our Spanish friend, Ferran Mas, is racing ever round of the DTRA championship, in the Sideburn-sponsored vintage class on his Bultaco Astro this year, plus he is guesting on the Krazy Horse Indian Scout Hooligan. He got in touch to say he's built a new Bultaco for this month's El Rollo race in Spain.

I asked for some details and this is what he wrote...

It is a Bultaco El Bandido engine, it is similar at El Montadero and TSS, same cases, diferent interiors. It has four gears, 360cc, two-stroke and 40cv (bhp). Mikuni carburretor, Blaze exhaust... The frame is made by AJR (they built TSS replica as well), built at the end of 90s. It is a copy of Kenny Roberts school [ranch] bikes, when he was based at the Catalunya track.

The shocks are Hagon suspensions. No idea what the forks are, I bought them with the frame. The tank, seat, etc are of Bultaco Astro, painted like a Bultaco El Bandido. Flat track Dunlop tyres, Bultaco Astro front wheel and Kawasaki KX 250 98 back wheel. Galfer Brakes.

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