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Introducing: The Sideburn 85% Club

Sideburn 85% Club

The Sideburn 85% Club is for riders who are willing to give it 85% for 100% of the time (because they've got work on Monday). It's a club in a loose term, if you want to be a member then you're in. You've obviously on the right wavelength.

Each individually numbered, hand-painted box includes these exclusive:

• Club T-shirt (with front and back print) • Unique race number board • Heavy-duty Sideburn hot shoe strap (makes a great luggage strap too, for non-racers). • Embroidered patch • Sticker pack • Postcard pack • Art print

This pack is limited to just 85 box sets. Each acrylic number board, just like those used in American Flat Track and the DTRA, is a one-off. If you get the number, it's guaranteed no one else in the world has it.

Because they're limited edition, each box will be sent by courier. When you order, you must tell us your T-shirt size and your telephone number so we can send your box to you.

NOTE: If you buy anything else at the same time as the 85 Per Cent box we will refund you the shipping costs on the other item/items. Shipping in the UK is FREE.

The box design and all its contents was designed by 71 Speedster.

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