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DTRA Opener by Tom Bing

Tom Bing, filmmaker, photographer, surfer and overland motorcycle adventurer attended Sunday's DTRA race at Rye House to make a film for the race organisers. HE did it in double quick time.

Watch carefully and you can spot me sliding off in the restricted final. I was one of only two framers to make the restricted final (that class being between the rookies and the pros). I made both finals, the restricted and the Thunderbike. That's no mean feat now there are 36 riders in one class and 24 in the other all trying to make the 12-rider mains, from the results of three combined heat races per class. Have one average heat and you're probably done for the day. My final results are nothing special, but I still had a great day, happy with how I rode, especially my starts. I got a couple of seconds and a third in my six heat races. Full race report coming soon.

Sideburn is continuing to support grassroots flat track by sponsoring the healthy DTRA vintage class this year.

The next DTRA race is at the MCN Festival, Peterborough on 13-14 May.

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