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Mickey Fay

I referenced Washington rider Mickey Fay, in a post about the Panther Honda that had a frame originally build for him.

It made me do a bit of research about the TT specialist, former number 59, and found these great photos.

Mickey battling at, what looks like the Astrodome, on his XR500 with Steve Eklund behind, on a Yamaha 500. We had a great feature on Steve Eklund in SB13 written by the CFTA's Randy Kremlacek.

Honda team photo, circa 1980. Mickey with the 500 single, Michigan rider Jeff Haney with the oddball NS750, that was developed from the CX500 road bike, but with the engine rotated 90 degrees in the frame. Rad about the development of the NS750 in Sideburn 7 (still available as a back issue or in a bargain back issue bundle).

Mickey Fay promotes a winter race series in Puyallup, WA.

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