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Tip Fodder

Just got this from my old mate Martin Child, stuntman, journalist, racer, now living in Australia (that's him below, on the cover of Bike back in 1997).

So, clearing out me back passage (fnarr, fnarr). Tons of crap jiggling about in the van on the way to its final destination.

Stuff from here, there, far, wide. Few diamonds - rare bits for Z cars, now worth a fortune (or a filling at the dentist). Photos from times when I was smaller and the world bigger. But now I'm bigger. And brutal. I've got my "Tip it or flog it" head on.

Then this.

Nine years old and waiting for me in the back of the mancave. But this ain't no Saville-scenario. I'm very likely to keep my shorts on with this one.

Probably still owe you the 4.50, eh?

Cool to see you're still very much in business after all these years.

Class act, mate.


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