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Indian FTR750s For Sale

Indian has just announced that it will sell it's GNC racer FTR750 on the open market, for $49,900.

The FTR is a 'spec' racer, a prototype, meaning it uses an engine not derived from a road bike. The 750cc, 8-valve V-twin engine was developed by Swissauto, part of the Polaris parent company.

It made an historic and encouraging debut at the Santa Rosa Mile in September, followed by Indian signing three of the best talents in the sport to race for the team.

High profile teams are being offered a $5000 reduction on the price. While every serious team will be committed to machinery for the season, most teams are privateers and can swap between bikes at will. A number of teams have run XR750s at half-miles and Kawasaki 650 twins at miles, some, like Lloyd Brothers having the choice of three machines, when Jake Johnson rode for them, as they had the Ducati 1100 too.

Indian spoke of good service intervals and reliability (which only time will really tell), so the wealthier teams might add an Indian to their existing stable, if they have unrelated sponsors. Collectors will be lining up to buy them too, I imagine.

Contact if you wish to buy one.

Photo: Barry Hathaway/ Indian Motorcycles

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