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For The Birds: A Poem

I worked with someone

at a nature center

who I never got to know

very well.

One day she mentioned

that on vacation she loved to

ride her motorcycle,

a Harley Davidson,

on trips alongside

her husband.

That surprised me, because

we worked at a nature center

situated on a curvy two-lane

along the Great Lakes,

and all summer long

the only motorcycle

I ever saw in the parking lot

was mine.

She said she never rode to work

because of the dreadful birds

pooping all over, and then

needing to constantly

wash the bike –

just wasn’t worth the effort.

I always thought it was unfortunate

she never

enjoyed the ride to work

for sake of a little

bird poop.

For me,

it was always a point of pride

that we worked at a place

so lovely, the birds also

chose to spend their time


Ed Makowski sent in this poem and we liked it. He is a poet and rider from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. He's in school for journalism and rides a BMW 750, but is wrenching on a DT175 to get dirty and icy.

The photo is an Eastern Screech Owl he shot through a scope at work.

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