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(Mr Martini + Dainese) x Zaeta = Diavoletto

This is a mash-up of Northern Italian specialists created a bike I'm not entirely convinced about. The strength of the Zaeta is its uncompromising nature. The milled from solid chassis and barking single cylinder street tracker poise. It's a pure urban assault vehicle that doesn't make sense anywhere but a crowded city, a mountainside, a tight a twisty go-kart/supermoto track or a dirt track. Taking it on a dual-carriageway, autoroute and highway is a sure recipe for self-immolation at the next fuel stop (that is only 60 miles away, at best because of the size of the fuel tank).

If that sounds like I don't like Zaetas, you're wrong, I bloody love them, but I understand their limits. The Diavoletto is different for difference sake. I quite like the aesthetic, I'm a big fan the companies involved, but adding a fairing and clip-ons to a Zaeta makes it even more compromised, but it is pretty. And Bird's custard yellow is the new flame job.

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