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Yeah, off-topic... Motorbikes back soon. For some reason I woke up with this song in my head and I've been barking 'Bernadette!' all day. I don't even know anyone called Bernadette. I had to search it out when I got back from the track. Lead singer, Levi Stubbs is 30-31 in this 1967 performance. Motown was a production line of bands, singing songs written and chosen for the bands, but The Four Tops, four men, make the endless merry-go-round of boy bands served up a pop now look a substantial as post-pubescent holograms. Watch the short dance break at 1:48. If that isn't the dance of a man so full of confidence, a man used to beating away admiring women (and maybe men) with a shitty stick, I don't know what is. Stubbs had been married for seven years at this point, and would have five children with his wife in their married life. Stubbs was encouraged to follow other Motown lead singers by taking top billing (like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Diana Ross and the Supremes...), but wouldn't, so the band remained The Four Tops forever. What a man.

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