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Sideburn 27: Available to Pre-order

Sideburn 27 is due to arrive from the printer one week today, so we're taking pre-orders now. We've done two alternative covers. Subscribers will be sent the Indian FTR750 cover. Subscribers: this is a good time to let us know if you've changed addresses. If you don't let us know before 9am GMT on December 1, they will be sent to the address we currently have on record. There are so many great reads in this issue, tons of words. Good words. We know all the best words. This isn't the kind of magazine that puts a few phone snaps and 85 txt msge wrds and calls it a feature. We slog our guts out and travel all over the world to research this stuff. COVER STAR: 1. Joe Kopp and the Indian FTR750 2. Joe Motocross BIKES: Indian FTR750; Road-legal grasstracker; Ducati 749 street tracker; Panther-framed Honda XL350; BSA 250 framer EVENTS: Dirt Quake Harley race HOW TO: Win a title as a one-man band with Alan Birtwistle PEOPLE: Bryan Smith; American Flat Track boss, Michael Lock; Joe Motocross and Charlie Brown; Skip Aksland PORTFOLIO: The art of Lorenzo Eroticolor ADVENTURE: the Mexican 1000 on a Triumph T120; wasteland ruling on a Royal Enfield

We are offering 4-issue subs with a free Sideburn x Holy Freedom neck tube (RRP £18.50)

We also have 8-issue subs with a free Spark Eagle T-shirt (as worn by Guy Martin in China on the telly)

Or simply buy Sideburn 27 for £6 plus postage. What's that? A couple of service station coffees? Support the independents.

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