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Tokyo Connection at the Bike Shed

We have been building a custom FTR in partnership with Indian Motorcycle and with the invaluable help of Cheetah. The concept graphic above gives hints to the finished bike, but obviously doesn't portray the magnificence of the finished FTR.

Cheetah arrived in England with the bodywork on Sunday evening, and we spent Monday fitting it to the bike I'd prepared in the UK. We already had the subframe and fuel tank. In and among the spannering we were also filming a video as part of the project for Indian Motorcycle.

Tokyo Connection will be on display with Indian Motorcycle at the Bike Shed Show this weekend.

Sideburn will be in the same room, with a stand we are sharing with the DTRA. Come and see us if you can.

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May 23, 2023

Sorry to have missed Cheetah by just a few days. Having glimpsed the prepped FTR at Sideburn HQ last week, looking forward to seeing pics of the finished bike out in the wild.

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