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The Norman Sprint, France

Our friend Fabrice is organising the 2nd Norman Sprint, in Beauval en Caux, on 9-10 September. He is a lovely Father Christmas of a man, with superb bikes.

It's a race on grass for pre-50, 60 and 65 scramble, speedway, grasstrack and 'sport' bikes.

We don't know a lot about it, but it's one of those increasingly popular vintage events where it's important (to those involved) to make an effort to look the part.

The translation reads: 'Two riders on the grass of 200m. Departure on grid to avoid deep ruts. No time, no ranking, just a handshake. The spirit and the vintage look are advised while retaining safety. Fluoro not recommended.

It is free to participate with a collection box to cover the expenses of the organisaztion located at the bar.

The number of entries is limited. To participate in this private meeting, send an email with details of the type of motorcycle or sidecar to


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